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Exar2 can also extract AT1's RPK.BIN with a littel modification - 巇岩
2019/08/31 (Sat) 01:13:41
∵I found that AT1's RPK.BIN can also be extracted by exar2rpk.exe which is programed for extracting Ar tonelico II's RPK.BIN, because they uses the same logic to pack. The only thing needs to make it work on AT1 is change the constant "OFFSET_TABLE_OFFSET" to 0x2e7d88 and the "NAME_TABLE_OFFSET" to 0x7fd408.
P.S.The most difficult thing is to program as-util.h. Luckly, exar2 used functions are not difficult to understand and make them out.
P.P.S.Thanks a lot for you and your creations!

Thank you - Dje
2019/08/23 (Fri) 05:03:21
∵Just wanted to say a big Thank You! More than once I had tried to get some music and whatnot from VNs, sometimes successfully sometines not. Somehow I got here in my last attempt and I am so grateful for all this amazing tools.

Thank you.

立ち絵 - 妹さん
2019/07/01 (Mon) 17:43:22

戦乙女ヴァルキリー3 image coordinate jumbled - 黒犬
2019/06/15 (Sat) 01:04:16
∵ Trying to extract 戦乙女ヴァルキリー3 demo using exdosnpac. The image come out but the coordinate jumbled so it cannot be merged perfectly unless by figuring and putting the coordinate by it self.

無題 - sylvan96
2019/05/27 (Mon) 00:23:02
∵is there a guide on how to use all these tools

Extracting 催眠術4 - Haiyami
2019/05/08 (Wed) 11:09:42
∵I extracted the data from a file but it gave me a bunch of files with no file extension. I can't read the file in Notepad++ either. I want to edit the scenario data. What do I do? It just comes out as nonsense. No Kanji, no hiragana. Just a mixed up mess.

Super Neko X engine decrypter repacker - Evankheell
2019/05/02 (Thu) 17:15:02
∵ asmodean please help i seen your tools

Here are you posting a decripter for the engine, i want to translate a codepink eroge to english, but i have a problem the file extension is .gpc not .hxp and your program only decrypt .hxp but the games are developed with SuperNekoX engine, can you help me?

关于exnpf - sama
2019/04/15 (Mon) 17:49:54

exm2lib for kenka boncho otome vita - sephurchin
2019/04/05 (Fri) 07:33:49
∵Hello. I used this tool to extract the scriptbody.bin and sceneriobody.bin. But it does support repack. Is there a tool that does? Thank you!!
Re: exm2lib for kenka boncho otome vita - sephurchin
2019/04/06 (Sat) 17:19:53
∵sorry I meant it does not support repack. I'm looking for a way to repack. Thanks again

as-utils? - Anonymous
2019/03/23 (Sat) 10:58:02
∵I'd like to try compiling things, but it seems that everything needs "as-util.h". Where can this be found?

シナリオデータを探しています。 - ネピア
2019/03/06 (Wed) 22:53:28
∵light作品のシナリオデータを探していますが見つけられません。どなたか、「神咒神威神楽 曙之光」「Dies irae~Amantes amentes~」「相州戦神館學園八命陣」のシナリオデータ場所をご存じないでしょうか?

動作を確認したゲームのご連絡 - るーるる
2019/02/09 (Sat) 01:42:13



How to put "[game index] ? - Lanz
2018/03/23 (Fri) 13:13:34
∵ Hello, thank you for providing excellent tools.
well, I am in trouble with unpacking Dunamis 15.
I use "exm2lib.exe" and put words with command prompt.
However, it replies like below.
<input.psb.m> <input.bin> [game index]
usage: exm2lib.exe <input.psb.m> <input.bin> [game index]

so, I put like this.
C:\Users\Owner>exm2lib.exe fileinfo.psb.m DATA.BIN [0]

but an error message appears.
Unhandled exception 0xC0000005 at 0x01083150 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)

I would be really grateful if somebody give some suggestions...
Re: How to put - Guest
2019/01/17 (Thu) 20:16:13
∵ I faced the same issue. Any way to fix it?

exfutapak and futagr2bmp - abcd12
2019/01/10 (Thu) 17:06:11

Hi, thx for the tools, the exfutapak and futagr2bmp don't have links to download u.u


exm2lib - klopar
2018/12/09 (Sun) 16:28:51
∵Is there any way to pack extracted with exm2lib files back to *_info.psb.m and *_body.bin? I wanna to do translation of one game, but i can;t find any tools to pack extracted files.

開けない - eroeroking
2018/08/10 (Fri) 17:13:38

ソースコード exnllpk.exe - Kanen
2018/08/05 (Sun) 22:14:10
∵Is it at all possible to get the source code for exnllpk.exe?

Thanks! - Anon-san from Scandinavia
2018/08/04 (Sat) 01:06:44
∵ Thanks for the tool for extracting the Steins;Gate .npa file. It works great!

Questions about header files and the "as::" namespace - Shang Jiaxuan (尚嘉宣)
2018/07/12 (Thu) 23:17:31
∵I was recently trying to learn from the source code,but found some header files that seems to be a personal library of functions, especially "as-util.h".

It seems that a lot of functions in the "as::" namespace corresponds to the referenced external functions. Is the header file available to see somewhere so that I could know how functions like "string as::guess_file_extension(rgb_buff, rgb_len)" works....


Dies irae -Amantes amentes- 抽出 - 円環
2017/06/16 (Fri) 10:26:58
3rdeyeなどのゲームはすぐにできましたが、Dies iraeだけは全くできません。

Re: Dies irae -Amantes amentes- 抽出 - 円環
2017/06/16 (Fri) 11:14:52
C:\>C:\Users\owner\Desktop\exdieslib\exdieslib_v1.exe picture.lib 5 と入力しても
Could not open picture.lib (No such file or directory) と出ます。
Re: Dies irae -Amantes amentes- 抽出 - a
2018/07/08 (Sun) 16:30:11


bg, chara, event, mask

How to get key to extract dxa file - Mr.Doom
2018/06/25 (Mon) 15:17:30
∵Pls help me How to get key to extract dxa file.

Will be fix? - Communist
2018/06/05 (Tue) 19:25:03
∵exnpa don't work on Hanachirasu.

exifdypf error - qrob
2017/08/17 (Thu) 12:17:33

This does not work, throws a zlib1.dll missing error.
Re: exifdypf error - Communist
2018/05/11 (Fri) 19:07:23
Put zlib1.dll there the programm is. Or install it in your OS.


Re: exifdypf error - Communist
2018/06/05 (Tue) 19:23:13
∵Hm-m. You have Linux OS? What distribution?



Extracting _info.psb.m and _body.bin files - Cain
2018/05/09 (Wed) 12:52:15
∵ Hi, I was recently trying to extract Occultic;Nine's vita files, but they're a bunch of _info.psb.m and _body.bin files (Which is strange, because none of the games from the same franchise used that, it is from 5pb though).

The only thing I found about those files was your exm2lib tool, but it doesn't seem to work with that game. Could you please add support to it? I would be really grateful.

Older tools crash - Kae
2018/03/30 (Fri) 17:24:07
∵ Hi and first off, I really appreciate your hard work! Hope you're still checking up on this board :D

I've been using your tools for a while. Then there was a pause during which I may or may not have installed Windows 10 x64, and now they just crash. The tools that had sources still didn't have as-util so I can't do much compiling-wise, and least of all would I start guesstimating what it contained.

So here's my plea: would you mind rebuilding them statically or providing another solution?

For example, exmarupac_nosrc\pgd2tga.exe (MSVC8) crashes, but exmespac\ge2bmp2.exe (MSVC9) works fine.
Re: Older tools crash - Kae
2018/03/30 (Fri) 17:58:22
∵ Ahh, it's always like this. I wrote this, installed vcredist 2005, and now it's working.
Hope somebody else sees this and finds it helpful.

PCSX2 - Jake
2018/02/21 (Wed) 07:11:09
Hi there!
I came across some of your messages about debugging in PCSX2 and wondered if you might be able to help me solve a problem that I don't seem to be able to find an answer for anywhere. You seem very intelligent and capable! Or even if you just want to chat about what it is you do, i'd be very interested in learning a thing or two from you about how you reverse engineer games, I hate the feeling of helplessness from not knowing how games work when they go wrong. ∵

- - Unknown
2018/01/22 (Mon) 05:04:01
∵ Are you the undubber ''Somebody Special (Fluffy Kitty)''?

Shuffle tick tack - help
2017/12/31 (Sun) 22:04:14
∵ i want extraction <Shuffle tick tack>
i used exrrdat program. but An invalid argument error occurs.
I want to extract the tick tack character image.
Please help me.

無題 - ぜったい绝顶☆性器の大発明
2017/12/04 (Mon) 08:17:27

無題 - ノブ
2017/10/19 (Thu) 21:12:42