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In'youchuu games - progste
2017/01/04 (Wed) 00:03:07
∵Hi! I'm trying to translate some games from the In'youchuu series, at the moment i'm testing the waters with the gaiden mini episodes (like 淫妖蟲 外伝 ~深琴と武編 兆しの章~) since they are shorter and they use the modern cyberworks engine and they are a decent way to introduce the series to newcomers.
Since it's the first time I'm attempting to decode/encode a VN I'm a bit lost, could you maybe point me in the right direction? (like what programs to use or what tutorials to follow etc.)

装甲悪鬼村正 贖罪編 - 名無し
2016/12/25 (Sun) 12:43:00

exodn - VALKYRIA Sanagi
2016/11/28 (Mon) 01:52:11
∵Apparently you need exodn to extract Sanagi's work for Valkyria. That, or someone needs to teach me how to get crass to work for Valkyria.

Either way, maybe can someone give a link to a working exodn?
Re: exodn - Alchemist of Atlas
2016/12/03 (Sat) 13:37:18
∵Exodn is a private tool, unfortunately.
Re: exodn - VALKYRIA Sanagi
2016/12/05 (Mon) 06:47:05
∵ @Alchemist of Atlas

I'm not sure what that means; is it not free or something then? Where can I buy/download it?
Re: exodn - Alchemist of Atlas
2016/12/25 (Sun) 04:18:58
∵Means it is not public.

ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート - haru
2016/12/19 (Mon) 19:49:12

みなとそふと - attempting
2016/12/12 (Mon) 13:22:34
∵Im attempting to repack the nscript.dat file but the game used by it "kimiaru" continues crashing with a message stating that the isn't proper. Are there any tools to re encrypt the .dat file after using decrkansa to extract it? Also thank you for the tool.

I need your help - Amina
2016/12/10 (Sat) 13:14:20
∵Good afternoon. Sorry for my English. I would like to translate Walkure Romanze Shoujo Kishi Monogatari into Russian. Thank of your utilities, I was able to open dataX.pack. But data7.pack an error. I think the script is there. I would be grateful for any help in removing the script. Thank you. My e-mail: ami [at]

How to use merge_5pbfrag - MacRaelyn
2016/12/05 (Mon) 02:48:42
∵Hello, I'm having trouble of using this program to merge character sprite mouth/eye animation frame from STEINS;GATE. Can anyone tell me how to use it properly? Because I don't really understand the guide written for it.

Thanks :)

Help with Fatal Frame - Tidus
2016/12/02 (Fri) 16:33:44
∵can you help me please i need extract and decompress Fatal Frame file
i want to do undub with Fatal Frame i like Japanese Audio

ESC-ARC2 Compiler - Apollo
2016/11/28 (Mon) 03:13:06


辻堂さんのバージンロード - 122
2016/11/27 (Sun) 14:54:53


C:\new>exwhaledat_v2 arc0.dat
Could not open "文字化け"(invalid argument)


gyu2bmp - geni
2016/09/22 (Thu) 01:01:27

Re: gyu2bmp - bckps7336
2016/11/16 (Wed) 20:00:47

@echo off
mkdir output
for /r "%~dp0" %%i in (*.gyu) do (
gyu2bmp.exe "%%i"
echo "%%i => %%~ni.bmp"
echo Done!
Re: gyu2bmp - sa
2016/11/25 (Fri) 10:23:59

exhd6 - Gelasio
2016/11/25 (Fri) 04:53:57
∵ Hello there I'm trying to get your tool, for a project of mine for DQ8 here in Brazil but it seems the link is dead. Could you please share it again?
Thank you.

Kon'nichiwa, watashi wa anata no tsūru exhd 6. Jippu o shutoku shiyou to shite imasu. Koko wa Burajiru no DQ 8 purojekutodesuga, rinku ga shinde iru yōdesu. Mōichido kyōyū shite itadakemasu ka? Arigatōgozaimashita

VisualMemory 64bit issue - ZeaS
2016/11/22 (Tue) 01:27:36
∵VisualMemory is excellent. But it says "Too large or small for Int32" under x64 debugging.
Maybe the address is regard as Int32.

exbsa - Greg
2016/11/03 (Thu) 15:27:50
∵Hi, could you please help mme with the [exbsa] file application, it doesn't seem to start, it shuts as soon as i double click to open it.....anyone?? please help
Re: exbsa - bckps7336
2016/11/16 (Wed) 19:35:40

exbsa v1.2.1 by asmodean
usage: exbsa.exe <input.bsa>

Love-Gun .G graphics - WiNG
2016/11/14 (Mon) 15:25:52

If possible, could you please create a tool to convert Love-Gun *.G to BMP(16-bit) and vice versa? They are used by Ace of Spades, Love Phantom and Dangerous Toys.

exarcw - Regius
2016/11/09 (Wed) 16:06:02
∵Hello! Your tool exarcw is the only tool I can use to extract Palais de Reine and I really am thankful! I have a few problems with text though and I'm unsure if it's the code of the game or the tool isn't supporting it. But thank you so much for making it possible!

exah3pac - Sumpo
2016/10/25 (Tue) 20:43:48
∵Hello. I first time using this ( exah3pac) program and I'm having some difficulties. For example, the program does not start, maybe it need some other program?. Could you write the instructions, I just don't particularly understand what the program is not working as it correctly to start and how to get the pictures of the games. Thanks in advance!

Exdieslib - esda
2016/08/11 (Thu) 01:04:17
∵Excuse me, thanks for your great work, but I need some help. Every time I try to use exdieslib, it suddenly closes, I'm trying to extract the CGs, sprites and songs from 神咒神威神楽 and Dies Irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~ for personal use. Thanks for your attention.

How i repack a data.pack??? - YomiPlays
2016/07/30 (Sat) 23:33:58
∵Hello! Sorry but i'm noob in this stuff, but i want translate a game (it's my dream), well i hope u can help me.

#Sorry for my english

exmed - assholean
2016/07/29 (Fri) 00:11:09
∵does anybody know about as-util.h?
need to add some keys to extracter's key table.

Extract psbpack.dat - Mortal dumb
2016/07/23 (Sat) 09:19:08
∵the discovery of a million if they discover how to open this file

妻の媚肉 - ANIM/ANIM.teamMM
2016/01/12 (Tue) 19:51:59
∵Seems like no one's been able to extract the psbpack.dat. The .gax files work with the gax2png, but the biggest file in the cg folder is the .dat file, which probably contains the character files.

Also just noticed someone a couple months ago just posted this as well. Are there no other geniuses besides asmodean?
Re: 妻の媚肉 - Mortal dumb
2016/07/23 (Sat) 09:16:45
∵Help, psbpack.dat it does not open.

Are you up for mercenary work or fulltime job? - gitclone
2016/07/13 (Wed) 04:09:56
∵Dude you are awesome come and join us we create awesome game

.p files - Tsugumi
2016/07/04 (Mon) 07:07:49
∵do you have a tool to change .p files to bmp or another image format with alpha layers? (I'm using ToHeart2 AnotherDays)

Shuffle Essence + - Saya
2016/07/04 (Mon) 01:20:17
∵How do you know how to get the sprites from Shuffle Essence + using your exnllpk.exe elg2bmp.exe? I'm only able to get the scripts.
Re: Shuffle Essence + - Saya
2016/07/04 (Mon) 07:05:55
∵I resolved it

Can you share as-utils? - BISHOP hacker-wannabee
2016/06/30 (Thu) 11:55:58
∵I am trying to crack Sansha Mendan, using exbsa, v1.2.1. Do you have as-util.h anywhere for me to look at? It would be a great help, and I think i need it to compile your cpp correct?

Thanks for all your hard work.

XXX2BMP.exe stand image outlines? - ripper
2016/06/16 (Thu) 10:06:50
∵ I have a question, why is there an outline on the stand images that is converted from exe file like agf2bmp or hgx2bmp? Is there some steps I missed? and is there a way to convert to png instead?

And btw thanks for the programs!

can you support ルートダブル -Before Crime * After Days- (PC) - mana
2016/06/03 (Fri) 20:18:11
∵can you support ルートダブル -Before Crime * After Days-(PC) ? i find only is for xbox360

Having problems with data extraction through exsgnpa - OoNN
2016/06/01 (Wed) 10:13:10
∵Hello. I am trying to extract information from the PC Steins;Gate game usnig exsgnpa, but all I get from 1 .npa file as an output is a very small file with a single-letter name. Can you help me figure out what am I doing wrong and how to solve the issue?

無題 - Dreamsavior
2016/05/16 (Mon) 11:07:14
∵Hi Asmodean. Firstly I want to say thank you for your hard work. Your tools is very use full.

But I had some problem extracting PSB file from まいてつ using expimg.exe.
expimg.exe always crash and stopped working. I've tried in Win 10, Win XP, Win 7 ... the result is same. I wonder what's wrong with that? Thank you.

Here is the error screenshots :

(Ps. I've renamed the non unicode filename into test2.pimg)